2-3, 2015

About The Proof of God Conference:

Explore the wonders of the universe, of creation, biology and physics to see the fingerprint of God on it all!

How would it change your life if you knew that God exists based on objective scientific evidence? Would you be kinder, more generous, more forgiving? Would you embrace life more fully if you knew it had meaning? If you already believe in God, would it strengthen your faith and help you to spread God’s love? If you’re not sure about God, are you open to the evidence? This event will provide you a visual, spiritually and intellectually stimulating introduction to amazing, life-changing evidence of God, a stunning tour of physics and biology, and a glimpse into the ultimate reality of existence.


About your keynote speaker

Book FlagDoug Ell is a former atheist who has spent more than 30 years reconciling science and God. Ell grew up in Connecticut and graduated early from MIT, where he double majored in math and physics. He then obtained a Masters in theoretical mathematics from the University of Maryland. After graduating from law school, magna cum laude, he became a prominent attorney.

As a lawyer Ell learned how to sift through competing arguments and the importance of carefully considering different points of view, skills which he has now used to untangle the confused and often emotional relationship between science and religion.


“The worst moment for the atheist is when he is really thankful, and has nobody to thank.” – Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Why You Should Attend

Do you want to be able to have thoughtful, helpful conversation with people who doubt the existence of God? Come explore new scientific evidence that proves the existence of God. Discoveries in cosmology, physics, biology, planetary formation, and quantum physics all point to a transcendent intelligence that created space and time, created Earth for us, and designed every species on Earth.


2-3, 2015


Canterbury Retreat and Conference Center


Single Occupancy $150
Double Occupancy $125
Commuter Rate $75



4:00pm -Arrival, check-in
6:00pm -Reception
6:30pm -Supper
7:30pm -Session 1
9pm -Closing Prayer
9:15pm -Fellowship


7:30am -Morning Prayer
8:00am -Breakfast
9:00am -Session 2
10:00am -Break
10:15am -TSmall Group
11:30pm -Session 3
12:15pm -Noon Day Prayers
12:30pm -Lunch
1:30pm -Session 4
2:30pm -Closing Prayer
3:30pm -Head for home

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Come, Pray, Partner, Worship, Work, Join, Be Still, Learn, Grow, Serve, Share, GIve, Rest, Reflect, Renew. Something special happens when God's People gather on sacred ground!